I firmly believe that inspiration can be found everywhere, but I've never been a fan of browser bookmarks or favorites lists. They're too static and disorganized.

This realization led to the birth of Baryum: a space dedicated to exploration, where each collection tells a story, evokes an emotion, or simply showcases websites that push the boundaries of design, user experience, and creativity.


Submitting your work is completely free, and if it meets the following criteria, it will be published and made visible to visitors

  1. Originality. The design should be unique and creative.

  2. Aesthetics. The visual appeal should be striking and memorable.

  3. User Experience. The website should be intuitive and easy to navigate.

  4. Innovation. The design should push the boundaries and offer something new.

I cherish every piece of creativity shared with the community, and I strive to feature the most outstanding designs that meet these criteria. If your work is selected, it will be highlighted on the gallery. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, I am unable to provide individual feedback for every entry.



Baryum is actively seeking partnerships and sponsorships as it grows. We are attracting around 3,000 visits monthly, provides a perfect environment for designers, business innovators, and marketing professionals.

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